Thank you for considering a subscription to TradeOnAUTO software. It is a unique product which aims to meet the needs of futures day traders. Whether you are new to trading and looking for a safe introduction to the markets, or an experienced trader looking for a practical, time saving tool, TradeOnAUTO is for you.  Annual subscription cost is often covered by the profit on a single trade.

Annual subscription fee:  USD $1,499


After a subscription is received, we will request your details and forward your subscription key file to you. You will be provided with links to download the software and detailed user guide.

When TradeOnAUTO is activated, it downloads a month’s worth of data for back-testing. As each day passes, its data is added to your database, extending the period over which you can back test. As time goes by, your database will extend over months and years.

Impatient for a fast start? Consider a one time DataX subscription.